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Self-Care & Mindset Makeover 50+

The Magic Mastery Mindset For Women Over 50!

The Self-Care & Mindset Makeover Program For Women 50+

Welcome to this page! I’m Michela the coach behind this program. I’ve created this program because my mission is to help women get out of unfulfilled life and show them that it’s easier than what they think. We all strive to get better, live happily, start new ventures and bring our contributions to others too, but by 90% of the time we hold back, because of lack of belief, confidence and vision for our future. The Magic Mastery Mindset Program is a unique group coaching program for female professionals, women entrepreneurs, and retired women who are 50 plus and who want to crack the code to improve total self-care and their mindset at 360° with ease. 

It’s not about copying and pasting a new technique or tool, it’s about naturally developing the skills of personal mastery that resonates with you. It’s about learning to stretch your comfort zone, unchaining the emotional resistance and moving energy where we need it most. We all can learn. When you are ready to play full out with excitement and no attachment to the outcome, then things automatically start to roll in.

If you are ready to take a leap of faith and believe in yourself, you’ll attract the things you need into your life. If you landed here, it’s a clear sign that you’re pursuing those things and are on the right path. 

Here below an overview of what the program covers.


Uncover needs, passions and purpose. Let go of all conditioning that stops you.

Jot down all experiences you want to live, and acknowledge the opportunities of growth.

See the big picture behind that vision and establish an alignment. Build the bridge.


Be clear about your vision for yourself and the contribution you want to create.

List all temporal goals, what you have and how you need to grow to achieve them.

Develop curiosity, motivation, and a sense of purpose and focus on what matters to let the “how” manifest.


Create a short term action total self-care plan that you will implement daily.

Reflect on the activities and goals for the long-term plan, and lean into them.

Create a plan that helps you bounce back from mistakes and failure and correct the direction.

Michela Pink 2021

Michela Fantinel

I’m delighted to start this pilot coaching program which I’ve developed over years of personal experience and trainings. This program is a wonderful tool for seeing, observing and growing and mastering yourself.

Michela Magic Fifty 2021

Your Coach

It’s a fun, simple and empowering process that you’ll learn with the supportive environment of like-minded women who, like you, want to upgrade their thinking, grow and show up in life. And yes, it’ll be a game-changer. 


Learn to listen, observe, locate and dialogue with feelings and emotions.

Use the awareness process to reframe thoughts, mind chatter, ego and beliefs.

Practice self-perception and outer-perception to shift your self-image and create a connection.


Learn the powerful foundation of discipline and habit creation.

Make a list of short-term new habits and those you will eliminate. Create motivational triggers to help you stay on track..

Elaborate on a fun process that you enjoy implementing and stick to without turning it into a chore.


Monitor results, and learn how to handle drop-outs, mistakes, resistance manifestations

Create several Plan Bs for those things that need to be replaced, with a revision process to tweak and optimise them.

Check progress every 30-60 days. Level up, and upgrade the difficulties.

Who is this program for?

This program is excellent for you if you want to activate and maximise the potential inside you. The program is a complete overhaul of your current personal situation. It will create an easy process that you can duplicate and implement all the time without feeling overwhelmed and under pressure.

The program is a blend of self-paced and active coaching sessions held in a group of max ten women. If you like being coached and actively listening while I coach other female group mates, this is the right program for you. Gaining confidence and the growth process feels more comfortable when hanging out with the right people in the right environment.

Who is this program not for?

It’s not for you if you are not 100% sure of the level of commitment to improving your well-being and shifting your thinking. It’s not for you if you are not ready to step out of your comfort zone and take action. Also, this is not a self-paced course program where you do the homework and don’t show up in the live coaching calls to watch the replays. If you feel this is more what you’d like to have, the current version of this program is not the right thing. You need to show up and participate in the live classes to benefit of the group coaching calls and see things manifest.

Why Work With Me? Read the FAQs.

If you are willing to embark on your discovery journey, and hire me as your coach,  here are the responses of 5 FAQs. 

Program Details 

This is a brief overview of the program details. Full coverage of the program modules will be delivered to you, during our assessment free call.


Click the red button “Apply for it” and schedule a 15 min free call to discuss if this is the right program for you.


There will be a live webinar open for registration too.


6 Weeks x 6 Coaching Calls x 90 min call.


Full payment. Ambassador program available. Check FAQs.
A 30 days money back guarantee comes with this program.

Live Coaching Sessions

6 x 90 min Live Group Coaching Sessions on Zoom.

Workbook + Journal + Email

Workbook, Journal for tracking your progress. Email follow-up.

Recorded Videos

12 month access to replays of all live coaching sessions.

PDF FilesIncluded bonuses

3 x Magic Fifty Meditation w. Breath Work. 
1  x Magic Mindset Mastery.
1  x Magic Habits Creation.

Mastery Mindset Coaching Program
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