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Jump Start Your Life & Business at 50+

The Magic Mastery Mindset For Women Over 50!

The Magic Mindset Mastery For Women 50+

I’ve created this program because I aim to help women get out of an unfulfilled life and create a life they love

We all strive to get better, live happily, start new ventures, and contribute to others, but we usually hold back because of limiting beliefs and a lack of confidence and vision for our future.

The Magic Mastery Mindset Program helps women over 50 who are professionals, solo entrepreneurs, or retired women and want to crack the code to limitless growth, improve their skill sets, and achieve personal mastery and mindset at 360°.

This program is not about simply adopting new techniques or tools. It’s about naturally developing the powerful skill of personal mastery. It’s about stretching your comfort zone, breaking free from emotional resistance, and redirecting energy where needed. This program has the potential to transform your life. 

The magic happens when you’re ready to dive in with excitement and no attachment to the outcome. You’ll start to see things falling into place. If you are ready to leap of faith and believe in yourself, you’ll attract the things you need into your life. If you landed here, it’s a clear sign that you’re pursuing those things and are on the right path. 

Take a look at what we will be doing together, and if it resonates with you, click the button below and schedule a call with me.


  • We uncover new needs and passions, we let go of conditioning and boundaries.
  • We jot down experiences you want to live and acknowledge new opportunities of growth.
  • We match vision with actions that lead to synchronicity.


  • We learn how to master emotions and turn them into positive energy.
  • We reframe old thoughts, and beliefs into empowering intentions.
  • We learn how to initiate change without effort.


  • We learn the foundation of discipline and habit creation.
  • Create new empowering habits and motivational triggers.
  • We implement new skills in our daily life effortlessly.
Michela Pink 2021

Michela Fantinel

I’m delighted to invite you to this personal discovery journey I’ve developed over years of experience and training.  

Michela Magic Fifty 2021

Your Coach

When we work together, you’ll learn a simple and empowering process that will allow you to unfold your inner voice  and show up in life like never before. 🤩


  • We create a bold vision that matches your inner voice and empowers you. 
  • We develop the right focus and intentions to let the how-to process flow.
  • We match vision with goals effortlessly.


  • Create an action plan that you can implement daily.
  • Reflect on the activities and goals for the long-term plan and lean into them.
  • Create a bounce back plan from mistakes and failures to correct the direction.


  • Learn how to handle mistakes, resistance manifestations
  • Create Plan Bs with a revision and optimisation process.
  • Check progress. Level up and upgrade the difficulties.

Who is this program for?

This program is excellent for you if you want to activate and maximise the potential inside you. The program is not just about change; it ultimately empowers your current situation. It will create an easy process that you can duplicate and implement constantly without feeling overwhelmed and under pressure, giving you the confidence and control you’ve been seeking. 

The program is a blend of active coaching sessions with self-paced activities and routines. Hanging out with the right people in the right environment will make gaining confidence and initiating change easier.

Why Work With Me? Read the FAQs.

If you are willing to embark on your discovery journey, and hire me as your coach,  check these FAQs. 

Program Details 

This is an overview of the program details.  Please note that you can only join through a pre-assessment call.


Click the  button “Apply for it”.


With the assessment call you can see it’s a good fit for you and you’ll learn about price + T&C.


8 Weeks x 6 Coaching Calls x 75 min call.


Full payment with discount during the call. Payment plan for 2 months.  Money back guarantee. Conditions apply.

Live Coaching Sessions

6 x 75 min Live Coaching Sessions on Zoom.

Workbook + Journal + Email

Workbook and Email Follow-Up.

Recorded Videos

Access to all recorded coaching sessions.


1 x  Magic Meditation w. Breath Work. 
1  x  Magic Mindset Mastery Tool Kit
1  x  Magic Habits Creation Tool Kit.

1  x  Online Business Tool Kit
1  x  Website Creation Blueprint.