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Request to Join Our Group on Facebook

The Go-Getters Mindset Group is a private group on Facebook for Women Over 50 who want to develop a go-getter mindset to crush their goals in life and business.

In this free group you will train your mental and emotional muscles, get free training on Mindset, Motivation, and Life Mastery.

We have weekly live trainings and share everyday tips and inspirational stories. Inside the group you will find specific guides with video recordings, live events, articles, and video clips.

What you will will be able to learn and implement in the group:

  • Identify your true purpose and passions, to create alignment with your values and feel motivated.
  • Increase performance through simple mindfulness and meditation practices.
  • Cultivate Beliefs and Expectations to grow confidence in yourself  and your reality.
  • Create your mission and set instrumental specific goals that push you forward in everyday life.
  • Observe and Reframe thoughts and emotions to use vivid imagination and let them manifest in reality.
  • Learn powerful visualisation skills to accelerate manifestation.
  • Create Super Habits and Rituals to go faster and become calmer.
  • And Much More 

If you are ready for a new chapter or want to grow from where you are now and turn your desires into reality, are committed to taking action and rising to the challenge, feeling empowered and fulfilled to live the life you deserve, this group is for you. Click the button to request to join us.

Please note that the prerequisite to join our community is to engage in the group activities while commenting, contributing and taking part in the events.