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Michela MF 2021

About Michela And Magic Fifty

Hi, I’m Michela, the creator of Magic Fifty. I’m a 56 child-like free spirit with a big passion: Travel & Healthy Lifestyle.

I love to challenge myself with new things and environments. Curiosity and thirst for knowledge coupled with imagination, have been motivating me throughout my life. Nature is, for me, the best and sacred source of rejuvenation, and it has gifted me with valuable insights and intuition.

Continuous learning has proven to be the best way to help me move forward in life, stay aligned with my values and nourish them: courage, compassion, commitment, connection, worthiness, authenticity and more.

I love what I do and do what I love. What makes me happy is feeling good in my skin and enjoying each small step along the transformation journey.

No matter which direction I go, there is always space for improvement and becoming a better version of myself. And even things turn in a different way, that is okay. Finally, it’s all about accepting as I am, with my vulnerabilities and embracing change with no attachment.

I have learnt that cultivating purpose in all areas of my life is crucial, and it’s the steering engine of everything else.

Accepting as I’m in the present moment with an open heart and believing in the vision of my future self is gold. Taking the small right steps towards it is diamond.

The Turning Points In My Life

In 2008, I felt frazzled at the age of 44 and chose to swap a manager’s busy life for a less ordinary life. While on one side, it released the much dreaded vortex-like pressure I felt trapped in, on the other, I found myself catapulted in the new and challenging life of a solopreneur.

In 2010 Rocky Travel was born, a site for solo female travellers to Italy and Australia.

I know what it takes to start your own business. It takes courage, passion, perseverance, commitment. It also requires a change in mindset in the first place, staying true to yourself, your values and worthiness, and even building up resilience to face setbacks.

I have gone through the entire cycle of this fascinating roller-coaster. From highs and downs and peak performances to disappointments, failures and lack of confidence. From feeling enthusiastic and optimistic to disorientated, frustrated, demotivated and broken. 

When the “never feeling good enough” set in, it all went in circles. It started to drain my energy and make me feel unworthy. I felt like I had one foot on the brake pedal while trying to speed up; it was very frustrating.

On this journey I have learnt that searching for quick answers in the external environment isn’t always practical, and wrestling with shame, guilt, and more negative feelings does not lead anywhere.

Until COVID in 2020 came and swept everything away. Then I chose to embrace a different kind of life journey.

Michela About 2

Embracing A Different Kind Of Journey

This time it was not about going on a solo travel adventure and criss-crossing Australia, creating new tours, serving clients. This time it was more about an inner-game journey, a discovery journey across the deep self maze. 

I wanted to see with clarity what it’s blocking me, talk to my fears, remove those blocks and try to become familiar with what I had been avoiding for a long time: making me always feel good enough.

Growing as a person takes time and the willingness to let things come to the surface, along with the inner readiness to accept them as they are. It’s up to us what we do with them and how we turn them into our benefits and want to let them go.

The immense benefit from this self-growth process was the immediate feeling good in my skin again, seeing my weaknesses from a different angle, and reconnecting myself with my vulnerabilities at the core of life.

I then moved forward to coaching training, a real eye-opener to an entirely new and more in-depth scenario. It has been a wonderful experience that helped me show the path to my next level and see the actions I can put into place to step forward with more clarity. It did wonders because it activated dormant parts in myself that was in my way to self-love and actualisation.

Out of this unique experience, I chose to become a coach myself and help other women over 50 through the same process to up-level their lives. It is how Magic Fifty was born in February 2021. 

What is Coaching, and How Can I Help you?

Coaching isn’t consultancy, nor teaching or counselling. It’s more about guiding what I like to call “A Tour Guide To Your Future Self”. 

A coach is also a professional believer who holds a safe and energised space for you to envision and create your future first in your imagination and then feel empowered to replicate it in real life, so to say to “copy and paste it onto your reality“. 

Coaching people has always been part of my life. Somehow this was part of my behavioural patterns, a natural process of listening and visualisation.

I have gone through different learning stages in my corporate career and business, by guiding, teaching, and supporting clients in various ways. I have helped friends and family members who needed me during setbacks or challenging life situations in my personal life.

In 2020 I fully embraced a self-growth quest. An in-depth self-development training followed up my coaching practice certification, and creating my Coaching Services.

Michela Pink 2021

Get in Touch With Me

If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you create your future self and and curious to learn more about how we can collaborate, please check my Magic Fifty Coaching Services, or fill in this contact form here below with your inquiry or questions.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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