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Empowering Life Transformation

In Which Areas of Your Life Would You Like to See a Change?

How do you feel about your personal life right now? Is there anything you are struggling with or something you want to change or eliminate from your life? If you feel stuck and safe in your cubicle but, at the same time, you also feel a burning desire to create a substantial change in your life, I can accompany you in this discovery journey and help you ignite the process towards your future self.

There is always a next level, no matter where you are  standing right now!

The important thing is becoming aware of where you are standing right now and honouring where you want to go and what you want to achieve. By taking actions aligned with your values and envisioned future, it will reduce that gap and move you closer to your destination.

Pursuing perfectionism or matching stereotyped lifestyles can lead to frustration and throw you into a comparison struggle. Crafting your lifestyle that mirrors your unique values will elevate you to a higher valuable living. 

I can shed light on those dark areas to help you see with more clarity and architect the next steps ahead.

Embracing the art of growing young and strong creates a sort of domino effect. This synergy will capitalise in every area of your life naturally: from health to personal and professional life to social connections and relationships.

Here below a list of things where I can guide you through the journey to your future self.

Build Healhy Habits and Lifestyle
  • Cultivate Self-Care
    Finding easy ways to manage time, energy and priorities can dramatically change the outlook and increase productivity.
  • Eat Healthy Food
    Knowing how your body functions and what works for you is vital. The right healthy food choices will fall into place effortlessly.
  • Enjoy Exercising
    Picking the activities you like will make you feel sparkling. The type of exercise is irrelevant. What matters is having fun.
Grow A Strong Mindset
  • Listen and Tame the Mind Chatter
    Training yourself to listen to your feelings, use their energy, and tame your mind chatter will eliminate fears.
  • Declutter and Unleash your Potential
    Closing all open loops and unresolved issues will free your mind and spirit to smooth out the rocky discovery path.
  • Believe in Yourself and Envision your Future
    Adopting the “I’m enough” concept plus believing in what you do will trigger significant changes and for the better.
  • Embrace Vulnerability and Opportunities
    Valuing interactions with people, scanning for any opportunities that train your mind to align your actions with your goals.
  • Set Boundaries and Create “MeTime”
    Saying yes to yourself more and create “MeTime” to build self-confidence, remove shame and focus on things that matter.
  • Care For Positive Connections
    Fostering positive connections while eliminating the negative and toxic ones will set you free from energy robbers.

Why Life And Personal Growth After 50 Matter?

Investing in your personal growth and creating healthy habits compounds the beneficial effects day after day and year after year, precisely as invested money does with interest rates. While it’s true that the earlier you start, the better (with cash and health too), it’s never too late to embrace the journey to wellness and improve your lifestyle.

Turning fifty does not mean walking towards physical, mental, and intellectual decadence. On the contrary, life after 50 can be truly extraordinary.

By cultivating a positive outlook, staying true to your values, being open-minded towards opportunities, and adopting effortless healthy eating habits and daily physical routines, the magic will happen.

I have been going through the transformation journey at 50, from the deep valley to the highest peaks. On this page, you can learn more about me.

Magic Fifty Life Coaching Services For Over 50

My coaching services are flexible. I can adjust them to any specific needs and situations. I also offer courses and run workshops targeting specific topics in the health and lifestyle fields. You can sign up for our Magic Fifty News and you will be notified of the upcoming live events.

Coaching Sessions are 75 minutes and take place on Zoom. The most effective one-o-one sessions are part of a coaching program. A program is a series of individual sessions on a specific topic or issue, according to your needs. There are three different programs: from six to twelve sessions and are held once per week.

Group Coaching

Coaching Programs are part of our Premium Services. These are a combo of online teaching plus group coaching which allows you to profit from a small group’s synergy with mutual learning on very specific topics and issues. This coaching is best if you want to first try it out in a small group. Upgrade options are available.

Workshops & Webinars

Learning in a group is good fun, and we can learn a lot from each other. Workshops are on specific topics from the lifestyle, mindset and creativity fields. There are both free and paid workshops and webinars on Zoom and in our Facebook Group. To learn about our courses, sign up for our Magic Fifty News.

Are you Ready to Make a Shift in Your Life?

Creating habits, choosing what we eat, when and how we do things, what and how we communicate and how we engage with people, everything has an impact on our lives and those around us. Every change we embark on can bring a positive or negative effect in everything else. And before changing our external environment we also change our inner world.

All life changes are deeply intertwined with a mindset shift.

From how we acknowledge, embrace, and use our feelings’ energy, to how we choose to react to triggers. There is a lot about learning those small tactics on how to engage or disengage in good or bad habits and turn an unfamiliar situation into a familiar one and vice versa.

It is the most critical part of the entire transformation process and where we need to be prepared with an open heart to listen and honour these changes taking place.

At the same time, it is not much about getting a quick fix to an ailment or eradicate a bad habit. Being ready to embracing life-long changes as an overall shift  which radiates above and beyond the specific physical, mental or spiritual level will be more beneficial and a key-aspect to bringing your life to the next level.

Are you ready to make this shift? Are you ready to reinvent your life and take it to the next level?

If your answer is yes, and are willing to embark on your journey, click on the 5 FAQs to learn how I can help you with my Magic Fifty Coaching.

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