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Own your Magic!

Let’s Start Your New Chapter in Life At 50+

How do you feel about your personal life now?

  • Are you struggling with thoughts and ideas that make you feel overwhelmed and confused?
  • Are you feeling in a rut but at the same time have a strong desire for something new that makes you feel great?
  • Can you dream of your new chapter in life but don’t know how to get started and move forward?
  • Do you feel like running on perpetual auto-pilot at low energy with little or no time for yourself and what you love?
  • Would you like to get work done fast and still have plenty of energy for more fun things in your life?

No matter where you are standing right now, there is always a next level and room for improvement!

The truth is that it’s hard to take action and improve your life, as so much go overseen; we feel like going in a circle and most of the time, we give up before trying or just after the first attempt.

That’s where the magic helping hand of a life coach comes in!

What if you could get crystal clarity and take action and move forward fast. Use your mind and thoughts to show you the right direction. Find a deep sense of purpose and start a new chapter in life at fifty plus. Create easy ways to help you keep up your energy, feel great about yourself by having more fun in life?

Here below are a few examples in which areas of life I can help you!

  • Feel Good About Yourself >> Take Action.
    Fall in love with what you are and have and duplicate them into more successful situations. Accepting and feeling grateful for the small things in life free up emotional and spiritual energy to serve your purpose.
  • Get More Energy  >> Get More Things Done.
    Achieve balanced performance and productivity in personal and professional life by implementing easy ways to maintain your energy levels, feeling good about growing older with no fear and regret.
  • Own your Magic >> Try Out New Things .
    Uncover new values and attract new opportunities to match your worthiness and start a new chapter in life by focussing on the things that serve you and removing fears and blocks that hold you back.

Why Investing In Your Life After 50 Matters?

Investing in your personal growth compounds the beneficial effects day after day and year after year, precisely as invested money does with interest rates. Embracing the art of growing young and strong creates a sort of domino effect. This synergy will capitalise in every area of your life naturally: from health to personal and professional life to social connections and relationships.

Magic Fifty Life Coaching Services For Over 50

My coaching services are entirely flexible. We can work out a coaching plan that adjusts to your goal and situation. I also offer group coaching programs targeting specific topics. You can sign up for our News to get updates about the Magic Fifty live webinars, masterclasses, challenges, etc.

Coaching Sessions are individual and take place on Zoom. The most effective one-on-one sessions are part of a coaching program, a series of individual sessions on a specific set of results or goals you want to achieve. I offer intensive coaching and one-one-coaching programs from six to twelve weeks. Click the button below.

Group Coaching Programs

Coaching Programs are part of our Premium Services. These are a combo of online group coaching and teaching, allowing you to profit from a small group’s synergy with mutual learning on results and goals. This coaching is best if you want to first try it out in a small group and need a detailed and structured plan to follow through.

Learning in a group is good fun, and we can learn a lot from each other. Workshops and Masterclasses are on specific niche topics and last 1-5 days. There are both free and paid live webinars and challenges on Zoom and also in our Facebook Group. If you want to get updates about our live events, sign up for webinars updates.

Are You Ready To Move Forward in Your Life?

Being ready to embrace life-long changes as a shift that radiates above and beyond a specific area of your life is crucial. Every change brings a dual positive and negative effect. Before changing our external environment, we need to act upon our inner world.

It’s not about a quick fix,  it’s about working on your internal mechanism. That’s where changes take place.

Are you ready to make this shift? If your answer is yes, and you are willing to embark on your journey, click to read the responses of the 5 FAQs.

Why Choose Magic Fifty?

To read the responses to these 5 FAQs, just click on the + sign next to each question marked in pink colour, and the response will drop down.

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