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How Do You Feel About Your Life and Business At 50+?

Please take a minute to answer these questions:

  • How do you feel when thinking of your future?
  • What are the experiences that you’d love to live? 
  • What skills and qualities do you feel you need to grow to be able to move forward toward your goals?
  • Can you list all the things you’re passionate about, and make you feel happy? How much time do you spend doing them right now?
  • What is the one thing that you’d like to change? What would that bring to you? How would your lifestyle and business change if you could have that?
  • Do you have a vision for your life after 50?  What do you feel is holding you back from moving forward with setting goals and taking action?
  • Do you feel like you are running on auto-pilot with low energy and little time for yourself and the things you love?

No matter where you are standing right now, there is always a next level and room for improvement!

The truth is that it can be hard to take action and improve your life, without you getting into your way, we often times feel like going in a circle and giving up before trying or just after the first attempt.

That’s where the magic helping hand from a life and mindset coach comes in!

Life & Mindset Coaching Services For Over 50

My coaching services are entirely flexible. We can work out a coaching plan that adjusts to your goal and situation. 

Working privately with me: 1:1 coaching

I work with female professionals and individuals over 50 who love to challenge themselves and are ready to make it to the next level. I help them go through a transformation discovery journey that will create exponential personal growth and is beneficial in all areas of life and business.

Click the button below to learn about my  one-on-one coaching programs

Working in Small Groups Of Women

I believe that life after 50 can be extraordinary, and especially for women at 50+ who want to start over and live life on their own terms.  That’s why I have created my own signature group coaching program for smart and ambitious women who are ready to take action and let the magic happen.

Click the button below to learn more about my Croup Coaching Programs.

How I can help you -  The Star Concept Coaching

  • Shed light on blind areas and see everything with crystal clarity.
  • Tap into uncovered values and act upon a deep sense of purpose.
  • Accept and love yourself by acknowledging your worthiness.
  • Reimagine opportunities and turn them into new realities.

How can I help you - The Gemm Concept Coaching

  • Grow confidence by better managing thoughts & emotions.
  • Embrace vulnerability by letting go and caring for what matters.
  • Master self-care by better managing energy in all areas of life.
  • Mix all of the above and let your own MAGIC skyrocket.

Why Investing In Your Life After 50 Matters?

Investing in your personal growth compounds the beneficial effects day after day and year after year, precisely as invested money does with interest rates. Embracing the art of growing young and strong creates a sort of domino effect. This synergy will capitalise in every area of your life naturally: from health and mental and physical well-being to personal and professional life to social connections and relationships.

Are You Ready To Move Forward in Business & Life At 50+?

Being ready to embrace life-long changes as a shift that radiates above and beyond a specific area of your life is crucial. Every change brings a dual positive and negative effect. Before changing our external environment, we need to act upon our inner world.

It’s not about fixing this or that strategy. Building a rock-solid foundation starts with upgrading your belief system and mastering your emotional energy. That’s where change takes place.

Why Choose Magic Fifty?

Are you ready to make this shift and let me guide you through this discover journey?

If your answer is yes, and you are willing to embark on your journey with my help, click to read the responses of the 5 FAQs. To read the responses to these 5 FAQs, just click on the + sign next to each question marked in pink colour, and the response will drop down.

  • I’m a wholehearted, soulful and skilled person that is fully engaged and committed to guiding you on the journey to your future life and business scenario. My coaching is a powerful blend of soft personal skills: intuition, visualisation, empathy and more with in-depth knowledge in personal development: self-confidence, mindset growth, courage, curiosity, self-love and self-care. Click to learn more about my story.

    I’m also a master in creating healthy super habits and rituals with no stress. With my ability to feel the situation and what’s going on in the background scenario, I pick up signals and emotions beyond verbal communication; thus, I can spot underlying issues and triggers that are first invisible. This allows you to accelerate the awareness process and quickly figure out answers and ways to move forward in your new venture.

  • I’ll be your loving and caring coach and host. During our coaching sessions, I’ll be holding a safe space where you will feel understood and at ease to talk about anything that matters to you and specifically about what you want to achieve in your life.

    I will be listening and guiding you through the conversation with more specific questions to look for clarity, help you acknowledge your feelings, see things from different perspectives, and engage with them in different ways. We will also use coaching techniques to engineer our conversation further.

    The aim is to help bring underlying fears, blocks, potentials, and ideas to the surface in a relaxed way. Out of each session, there will be an action step that you will follow through and report about it in our follow-up coaching session.

Ready for the big shift in Life after 50?

I offer premium one-on-one private coaching to women over 50 who are ready for the big leap and manifestation in their life. You can schedule a call with me. It’s 100% free. This is a coaching call and also a way to connect, so that we can see if we are a good fit and can work together. 

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