Life After 50 – How To Reinvent Yourself In The Second Half

If you are a woman in your 50s, I bet that you may have been pondering your beliefs, values, and how you could start a new life chapter and reinvent yourselves. As the years go by, our inner and outer environments go through various changes inside and out.

These natural dynamics happen everywhere: at the workplace, in your family, and as personal and health transitions. At some point, we realise that we have collected considerable baggage of experiences and skills in all domains of our life, and we can now move forward.

We can go through our past experiences as if we were watching a film and get inspired to go above and beyond the first half of our life. While we feel the excitement to embrace a shift, often the desired shift doesn’t happen with a snap of our fingers, and change isn’t easy as we first imagined.

Does it sound familiar? I can totally relate to my life journey after 50.

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Finding a deeper meaning is key to reinventing your life after 50

Why finding purpose in life after 50 matters

I believe that reinventing your life is deeply connected with gaining clarity and purpose, becoming deeply connected with our inner values, and doing all that make us truly happy. Reconnecting with your true passions or finding new ones, evaluating your core values and pursuits is where to start.

But this time, we need to see it differently, not as a chore or an obligation. We must see it as an opportunity to grow and thrive and build a different life paradigm. After fifty, some refer to the second half as the “second spring” or “second youth”. The key is to see the change with new eyes and embrace the second half with a new spirit.

Seven steps to starting a new chapter in life at 50 plus

To help you go through this new life journey, here are my best tips on creating easy steps that will guide you to finding new meaning in life.

1. Acknowledge your achievements and successes

Where do you see a transition and a learning cycle over the past 50 years in your life? Was it going to college, finding a job and having a career, getting married, having children, creating your business, or all of these?

Make a list of all things you learned and the takeaways, along with the skills you developed in each phase. Embrace those moments and feelings that accompanied those achievements. Praise yourself for all those things you achieved and feel proud of yourself, your personal life, family and work life.

2. Cultivate curiosity and embrace lifelong learning

The fuel for reinventing your life lies in curiosity. To me, my burning curiosity is my no. 1 trigger and motivator that has triggered and sustained me through all my life transitions. Genuine curiosity is the steering engine of all emotional states, thoughts, ways of thinking and undertakings.

It is the fuel for any new experience. It’s a trigger that helps you learn more about yourself, boldly dive deep into the unknown and being open to stepping out of what looks and sounds familiar.

Some people have it as a natural gift, and some others need to cultivate it. Genuine curiosity can ignite a burning desire to learn new things and embrace change with more ease. This automatically leads to growing social connections, networking activities, and attracting the right things into your life.

3. Listen to your feelings and attune to your desires

Listening to our feelings is one of those skills we need to learn lifelong. Our emotional state guides us in all our actions, and the thing is that we are not always aware of it. Our brain and inner survival mechanism protect us from rejections and emotions that may hurt us or makes us feel uncomfortable.

So the only way to move towards what we desire and want from our life is to be ready to listen to our feelings, grab that underlying message, convert it into a positive affirmation and transform the overwhelm into a challenge.

Please don’t fall into the trap of labelling emotions and feelings. Instead, accept them as they manifest and focus on the message that they bear with it. Learn to convert the energy of each feeling into positive thoughts and actions.

Michela of Magic Fifty – 3 Tips for practising gratitude

4. Practice gratitude and reframe appreciation

To transform those feelings that hold you back from getting ahead and moving forward, becoming aware of all those small and important things we have in life and take for granted. Being grateful for having them in our lives is critical. Here it’s not just a matter of listing them into a nice list. It is about growing self-love and confidence.

Go through the list of things in your personal life, such as your personality, achievements, and skills. Reframe what appreciation is by giving it a sensory dimension is also tremendously helpful. Dive into each of these domains with all your senses, and you will see the difference.

5. Embrace small changes with an open heart

If you are serious about finding a new meaningful life that is not only filled with new things and maybe a new environment but first and foremost let you grow as a person, you must embrace change at 360°. What I mean is that change will instead have to happen inside you. When your way of thinking will attune to your desires, and once internalised, they create those magic vibrations.

Science shows us that our mind believes in our thoughts and imagery, with no distinction between a real event that happened and one that we get visualised. If you feed your mind only with the right thoughts and words, your mind starts to believe them, which is the turning point in the change process.

There are many more ways to help you create your future self in your mind. Creating a vision board is what many people love to do, and there are many kinds of visuals that you can build on this. You can start jotting down a list of new experiences you want to do in the next 1-3 years and grouping them into relevant categories.

Then you can list the skills and abilities you want to learn along this path and, finally, add the positive statements and the contribution of how you want to help others. Moreover, you can add your legacy: i.e. what you would like to be remembered for.

7. Build a bridge between your present and future self

Any life reinvention starts from where you are, physically, mentally and emotionally. You must start building a bridge from where you are now and take the first steps towards your future self.

By creating a “safe playground or safe stage”, you will be able to practice change and build your mental and emotional muscles, so to say you can start to envision possibilities for growth and believe in them, identify what the next steps are and implement them into your new empowering life.

How to get started with your new life journey after 50?

You can use the above steps as a simple framework to start working on your new life journey. If you are a woman in your 50s or older who wants to courageously embrace a whole new life stage while feeling more empowered to play full out but don’t feel confident enough to get it going, I can help you through your discovery journey.

With my special life coaching, I can show you how to activate the process and smoothly go through each phase.

You can schedule a complimentary clarity call with me.

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Find New Purpose And Reinvent Your Life After 50
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