Jump-Start Your Business At 50 Plus

Turning Your Passion Into An Exciting Business

Have you ever thought of turning your deepest passions into a business? And becoming your boss, dispose of time and resources as it best suits you and creates the lifestyle you have always dreamt of living? Well, if you have been waiting for many years for this time to come, and know that you are going to the bold steps that will transform your big idea into a beautiful reality, then you have landed the right place!

“The reality is that whatever you are looking for is, at the same time, looking for you. It all starts with believing before seeing.”

John Frederick DeMartini

This beautifully explains that if your thoughts and beliefs are crystal clear, they will attract the same in response to your signals and the energy you are sending out to the universe.

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It all starts with believing before seeing.

What does it take to make it happen?

I know, starting your own online business at 50plus may sound daunting if you are doing it for the first time.

I have reinvented my life a few times. At 44, I started my first online business when swapping a manager’s life to become a travel writer and blogger. I followed my passion for travel, and creating a business has been a roller-coaster. But it has been an exciting ride, and the process made me grow as a person.

So, you should ask yourself: do I prefer to stay in my safe zone where everything is known, familiar and works out on autopilot without much effort and uncertainty. Or do I choose to take risks, feel excited, make mistakes, learn new things, meet new people that inspire me, and help me grow along the path?  

If you decide to take on new exciting challenges, dive into the unknown and fully embrace the process with commitment and enthusiasm. In that case, everything will manifest, and you will enjoy the things that naturally belong to it: success and excitement, but also disappointments, mistakes, frustrations.

Now, you can either do this walk on your own or choose the helping hand of something which has gone down the path and is a trained mindset coach. With my help, you can accelerate the learning process and go through a simple but proven method with ease.

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How to Turn Your Passions into Your Business At 50 Plus

Introducing the Jump-Start Your Biz Coaching Program

I have packaged the Jump-Start Your Biz Program that offers a blueprint and a proven framework for setting up an online business and developing the right mindset and beliefs that manifest in reality.

Our success in life is by 95% the by-product of our thinking and belief system and not the outcome of a strategy implementation. Of course, the strategy does matter too, but the world’s best method will not work without the proper emotional mastery and mindset.

This is a pilot coaching program, and I only take a few women over 50 that are a good match. There are pre-assessment questions to be admitted, followed by a free coaching call where we meet live we see if we are a good fit.

The program starts on 18th Jan 2022, and if you join before this date, you can benefit from the special price and bonuses. You can submit your form by checking the program details. Click the button below.

Create Your Own Business at 50plus
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