Why Clarity In Life Matters

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What does clarity in life mean?

Clarity in life isn’t about a clear yes or no, a good or bad, or a positive or negative interpretation of facts, experiences, plans, or projects. It’s more about the clarity that results from observing and owning your reality. I mean that life’s clarity and purpose manifest when your mind and heart are perfectly aligned. This is when the magic happens.

“Finding Clarity in Life means removing options and validating the reality that fully aligns with your true purpose.

Michela Fantinel
Importance of Clarity in Life
Why Gaining Clarity in Life Is Important

We are all born with perfect clarity, and clarity is always there. No matter what happens. Clarity and confusion dually exist—all the time. In everything we do: in any actions, events, thoughts, and emotions, we experience both.

So, why do we often struggle with racing thoughts and feelings that cover up our clarity?

Multiple versions of the same reality always show up to us in any specific situation. When we acknowledge the existence of this natural duality, it’s the first move towards dissipating the confusion and seeing clearly through the layers.

Why is clarity important?

Clarity is like a thermostat. The higher the level of clarity you have, the more you feel balanced, in harmony and fully aligned with your sense of purpose in everything you do and in all areas of your life.

Why do many people feel overwhelmed with finding a life purpose? And some don’t even come close to actualising their wishes and goals.

I agree with McKernan that “gaining clarity is a life-changing experience, but it can be daunting”. 

Realising what you want in life implies getting out of your comfort zone. For many, it may mean starting from scratch, going through a challenging change, facing unfamiliar situations, and dealing with uncertainty. All this can be scary and discouraging. The first step is becoming aware of the importance of clarity in our lives. Letting clarity manifest in all its nuances is the second big step.

Even when people know the truth about themselves, many of them choose to keep it locked inside”.

Phillip McKernan

This resonated with me and my story! Watch the two-minute video below to learn how clarity manifested in my life.

How to Kickstart Clarity in Life

So, deepening your truth is the only way to find your purpose. Finding purpose in life becomes even more significant, and you want to reinvent yourself. Chances are that you are keen to discover what’s next for you. Seeing with deep clarity the direction you are going will strengthen your confidence and remove the barriers.

What must you do to eliminate the lack of clarity in life?

The first thing you need is to ask yourself questions lots of empowering questions. And sometimes uncommon questions. The more specific you get, the better you get clear on everything that matters.

In which areas of your life shall you start?

It can be anything that matters to you and in any life domain: personal, familial, professional, health, financial, relationships, friendship, social life and more. Here below the four things you need to investigate:

  • The What
    What is it that you want to get clear on? Is it taking a decision, starting a new project, getting ahead from a stagnant situation, changing something in your life, or moving towards or away from something? Ask yourself more questions once you have identified the specific issue or thing.
  • The Why
    This is by far the most important of all three, where we all get stuck and tangled, as many stressors and inner and outer factors play a role. Asking yourself a cycle of at least five questions will help you go deeper and deeper, and at each level, it will take you a little more forward and give you more clarity.
  • The How
    Map out the strategy, the goals, the timing, the plan, and how you will achieve what you want to change or complete and get clear on all the step-by-step plans and specific actions.

    While these three steps are the basics, there are deeper layers that you will automatically add, such as when, where, who, with whom, etc. The more transparent, the more articulate your clarity blueprint will unfold.

Tools and practices to see things with a clear mind and mental states

So, where do you start if you want to be clear about your life purpose or anything that matters to you? The answer is straightforward. You must first be prepared to see with clarity what’s next and be ready to take action, even amidst the confusion.

  1. Awareness: Focus your attention.
    When you feel confused and struggle with clarity, stop for a few minutes and focus on your feelings and thoughts. Awareness of them will reduce the friction between your mind chatter and emotions. It also helps dissipate the confusion.
  2. Acknowledge: Listen to your thoughts and emotions.
    Recognise the different realities you see in your mind and feel your emotions. Acknowledging the different versions of truth will help you see a specific situation as a separate identity rather than an absolute reality.
  3. Validation: make it real
    Put down on paper what makes you feel stuck and where there is little clarity in your thoughts. Give your thoughts and emotions a voice. Relieve them in your visualisation. Validating your mental and emotional states will project a clear picture of the same situation, thus activating the action. It will support clear mental states.
  4. Action: take action no matter what
    Inaction is the worst enemy of clarity. Not moving in any direction will dig the hole even more profoundly and accrue confusion. So, any action will help—no matter in which order. Let your intuition be your silent director and guide you. A small action and baby steps will help clear the fog.
  5. Alignment: Check for connection
    You cannot achieve clarity if some pieces are missing or displaced. So ensure your actions are intentional, i.e. always aligned with their purpose and meaning. An intentional thought and a clear purpose trigger each step. Line them all up to see the big clarity picture and the WHY behind them.

The Top Benefits of emotional and mental clarity

I believe that gaining clarity in life and anything that matters to you is the most valuable stepping stone in your personal growth process. Below are the top benefits you will have when gaining clarity in your emotional and mental states.

  • You make faster and better decisions that accelerate your projects and endeavours.
  • Clarity shows your hidden abilities and talents and empowers you to achieve what you want.
  • It increases your confidence to move forward from a position of trust rather than fear.
  • Clarity strengthens your self-love and self-image to attract more of the things and people you love.
  • It boosts your mental and emotional energy to feel confident and sustained in your breakthrough.
Why Finding Clarity in Life is Important