Energy Levels After 50 – Ways To Balance And Increase Them

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The ABC of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual energy

When talking about energy, the first thing that comes to mind is physical and mental energy. These are the two most tangible manifestations of how we perceive and experience energy and power daily. There is, however, a much deeper understanding of our vitality beyond the physical and mental strength that implies emotional and spiritual strength. These four energy levels are closely intertwined and constantly create our inner and outer worlds.

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How to Balance Your Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Energy

The spiritual and emotional energy feeds on the other two levels and directly influences all other areas of our lives. At the same time, the physical and the mental manifest with realities, actions and facts, while our emotional and spiritual forces work “behind the scenes” and guide and direct us in our thoughts and ideas, creation and activities.

The rule of emotional intelligence represents the source of direction and awareness that moves us throughout our lives.

How does physical energy manifest?

Our physical body bears energy just for being. We associate this kind of energy to our body shape and size, muscles, organs, weight, and all types of activities we engage in every day. Physical performance ranges from basic things like standing and walking to more complex and elaborated activities like exercising and manual working.

Physical activity uses up most of our body’s energy, but it also has a critical role in helping us extend our energy levels, especially when we are over 50. And all physical energy has a ripple effect on our mental activity too. To put it simply, the fitter we are physically, the higher is our cognitive performance.

Our physical and mental energy is primarily built and fuelled by what we put into our body, such as foods, water and other liquids. At the same time, exercise and training serve our body to build up muscles and develop strength and resistance to support our body and our cognitive brain functions, which are critical after 50.

If our body uses up more energy than is available, we start running out of power. Then we get the well-known “exhaustion feeling” in various physical and mental manifestations.

Tips for increasing physical energy level

We can say a lot about balancing physical energy because many individual factors and variables play a role and influence how we build, spend, replenish and expand our physical capacity in the second half of our lives.

Below, I have listed five tips to help you create the basic steps to increase a balanced physical energy level.

  1. Drink lots of pure water to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  2. Eat five small meals daily of high-quality natural food rich in essential nutrients.
  3. Care for quality sleep hygiene and sleep 6-8 hours every night.
  4. Expand your body strength by exercising 15-30 min every day.
  5. Create healthy habits and proper rituals to recover, replenish and extend your physical energy.

What is Mental Energy?

The mental energy is connected to our physical realm. Our cognitive functions range from the primary performance of speaking, thinking, reading, and communicating to more elaborated mental activities such as analysing and solving problems, turning ideas into reality, innovating, and everything involved with intellectual and creative things.

Mental energy draws its force from the physical body thanks to blood, oxygen, and nutrients nourishing our brains. But emotional energy plays an even more critical role.

Let’s say you want to work on a complex project with a high demand for mental energy expenditure. Your cognitive functions and mental focus must be synchronised with top physical and emotional energy levels to perform at your best.

Supposing one of these areas does not support the brain and mental activity with the proper impulse. It leads to losing concentration and focus, slowing the process, procrastinating, and more blockades. The emotional energy indeed rules the performance of the mental and physical duet.

Tips for boosting your Mental Energy Level

We can split our mental energy tank into different sub-layers, focusing on the mental activity linked with essential cognitive functions and problem-solving.

Here are five tips that help you boost your mental energy after 50.

  1. Focus on one thing at a time and avoid multitasking.
  2. Eat foods rich in micronutrients, and take high-quality brain food supplements.
  3. Learn new things by repeating mindfully and using all your senses.
  4. Use recovery breaks between chunks of work by resting, relaxing and training.
  5. Create habits to rest simple brain activities and free energy for complex ones.

What is emotional energy?

Emotional energy shows up with all things that we call feelings and emotions and how we interpret and react to anything we experience daily in all life areas: personal, social, familial, workplace, etc.

How we interpret facts, events, and experiences in our inner (I) and outer (O) world and how we relate to others significantly impact our mental and physical performance—especially the mental activity deriving from the thoughts we create in our minds.

We either back them up or negate them with our feelings and emotional states. Depending on the nature of the emotions, we support and nurture our thoughts and way of thinking or contrast them.

If our emotional states overuse the energy, they will spill over into other areas by draining energy from our mental and physical actions. When our thoughts are tangled, we feel drained mentally.

This commonly leads to procrastination, blockades, fears, not taking action, and not moving forward, thus creating stagnation in our lives.

How to master Emotional Intelligence?

Our emotional energy balance is proportional to our physical and mental performance over 50. In other words, the better we manage and master our emotional intelligence tank, the better we experience our physical body and use our cognitive powers.

Moreover, we steer all mental activities to serve our purpose, such as thoughts and ideas, projects, self-actualisation, etc. Mastering emotional intelligence requires learning about ourselves more deeply and as a whole.

It may take a long learning process, but once you know how to manage yourself emotionally, you will have a superpower, a gift you will treasure that will accompany you in the second half of your life.

It is the backbone to consistent and improved well-being after 50.

Tips for balancing your emotional energy

Here are five tips to help you connect to your emotional energy and create a bridge between your inner and outer worlds.

  1. Be present and experience moments and feelings mindfully.
  2. Experience facts for what they are, without judging or labelling.
  3. Open your heart, listen and communicate with your feelings.
  4. Fall in love with yourself as you are.
  5. Accept duality in all emotions and actions. Seek for the negative, positive synthesis.

What is the role of Spiritual Energy?

Spiritual energy has a crucial role, but not many admit it exists. Still, it truly represents the synthesis of all three parts, so, if our spiritual energy is well-balanced, it mirrors our physical, mental and emotional energy levels too. Some call it divine, God, Love, and others refer to the Higher Self.

And they all include our inner and core values and a deep sense of purpose that gear us toward big and small endeavours, our life plans and goals, and any action and step we take in our daily life.

The more significant the gap between our spiritual realm and our undertakings. The greater the disconnection in all other energy levels.

Tips for creating the perfect balance in your spiritual energy

Besides our emotional intelligence, the spiritual force is worth investing your time in and practising more to create a balanced life aligned with your values and channel all other energy forces in the right direction.

However, it is the most demanding personal endeavour as it requires the willingness and perseverance to dig deep into your soul with an open heart and embrace the purpose that surfaces.

  1. Embrace gratitude in all forms and with all senses.
  2. Get clarity on your life purpose, vision and mission.
  3. Use Breath Work and Meditation to scan your soul and body.
  4. Seek, review and live after your values and a sense of purpose.
  5. Cultivate intention in all your small and big undertakings.

Why understanding energy balance is important.

All four energy levels are co-dependent and work in synergy. They can spill over and nurture the other compartments. When we act from a balanced and centred position, we operate from a mindful and complete awareness.

When we overuse or underuse our energy within one area, it automatically creates an unbalanced energy level that negatively affects and drain strength from one or more life domains.

Achieving balance in all energy areas is the primary goal when we enter the 50s, but let’s face it, does this sound like a utopia? We are human beings who oscillate from highs and downs continuously. While we cannot aim for perfection, we can improve and live extraordinary lives.

The most important thing is to quickly adapt and get better and better alongside the path of self-development and life reinvention over 50. So how can I increase my energy levels in all vital areas?

Here are five steps to help you balance your energy after 50:

  1. Gain a deep knowledge and understanding of how our body works within each area. 
  2. Uncover any energy block or malfunction, and create an action plan.
  3. Learn how to re-create balance once an under or overuse occurs in a single area. 
  4. Create habits and rituals that help balance energy expenditure and increase recovery time.
  5. Bring your inner and outer world together, and let the magic increase your energy levels.

No matter when and how you start taking care of your energy balance, if you follow the above tips, every small step and action day after day will bring results and have a long-lasting domino effect in your life.