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How A Clarity Call With Michela Looks Like

If you wonder what a Magic Fifty Clarity Call with me looks like, here is more information and details of the initial call, which is offered to you. First of all, I want to pinpoint that the initial clarity call is a non-binding call from both parties: you as the invitee and me as your coach of all Magic Coaching Services . That being said, keep reading to learn more about it.

How to book a Free Clarity Coaching Call on Zoom with Michela

What is the purpose of a clarity call?

We can sum up the main purpose of the clarity coaching call can in the following points:

  1. Learn about you, your life and business goals, and what you want to achieve with coaching: working on a specific purpose or getting more clarity on a project/situation, or working on a more ample scope of action and goal settings.
  2. To let you try out coaching with empowering coaching questions so that you can get a taste of what coaching is all about, and see how you feel and the benefit you have. Coaching is a trusted two-fold professional relationship that works very well if both sides play full out.
  3. Clearly understand if your purpose and the results you want to achieve are something I can help you with, and if so, in what terms we can reach them, i.e. I will bring concrete examples/options of an actionable coaching plan.
  4. Exploring the best suitable way of working together you can stick to without feeling overwhelmed, and I can feel good about your progress. What does that mean? Coaching implies an accountability process by taking part in the live coaching sessions and actively engaging by going through the agreed homework and taking action. Most of the times this process is accelerated through the coaching questions themselves, that triggers something and turn the invisible into visible and the dissolve deep blockages within minutes.
  5. Agreeing to working together and setting up a workflow with either a private coaching program that best suits you. This varies from person to person and also from the individual situation, needs and type of investment you want to do in yourself.

Are there requirements to qualify for a free clarity coaching call?

To be able to schedule a call with me, you simply need to answer a few questions. When you click on the button below, you can choose the date and time that best suits your agenda. Once you have filled answered a couple of questions and submitted the booked call, I will contact you to schedule a call.

What I expect from you is the following:

  • Show a genuine interest in looking for my professional help as a coach and be willing to do the work together on one specific matter.
  • Have an open heart and mind while telling me about yourself, what matters to you, and what you want to achieve.
  • Be ready to embrace the change, challenge yourself, and move forward from your present situation.
  • Answer all questions in the form as thoroughly as you can so that I have a bit of a background information about yourself and why you want to book the call.
  • Honour the scheduled time and date for our call. I take our appointment seriously, and I expect you do the same.

In which areas of life and business can I help you with my coaching?

Here are some of the areas I can help you with the clarity call:

  1. Finding Clarity In Life: such as: Self-Love, Self-Image, Identity Issues, Confidence, Limiting Beliefs and more.
  2. Dealing with Overwhelm and blockages in private and business life.
  3. Creating alignment of your purpose (WHY), with your goals (WHAT) and how to activate the HOW: setting goals and taking action successfully.
  4. Narrowing down ideas and eliminate distractions, confusion about your new (lifestyle) business.
  5. Learning how to go faster in your mind, while slowing down and becoming calmer inside.

What can you expect from your clarity call?

The call is about 30 minutes; however, it can last 35-40 minutes or end earlier than 30 minutes. Why? Because during our call, we will assess whether we are 100% a good fit, and I’ll be clear and honest with you about whether or not I can help you achieve your goals. In my turn, I will ask you as many questions as I can. So, during the call you will:

  • Feel at ease in a safe and non-judgemental space and tell me more about your personal life and specifically about the issue/project/goal you want to solve/achieve/eliminate. You will feel
  • Be present about our conversation, be open to telling me how your feelings change and the insights you get during the call.
  • Dig deep into one specific subtopic of your primary goal so that you can experience authentic coaching and not fluff stories.
  • Be prepared to discuss the following steps, listen to the best suited options, agree to a plan, if you feel excited about, or exit the clarity call with no further coaching agreement and no hard feelings.

I hope everything makes sense to you. Should be anything still unclear, get in touch with me. Click the button below to schedule your clarity session with me!

This session is free of charge, with 100% no catch and no commitment. Choose a convenient date/time and answer the application questions.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and chatting with you.

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A Clarity Call With Michela Magic Fifty
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