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Welcome To Magic Fifty! 


Something About Me!

Mindset Training

I’m an entrepreneur who swapped the manager’s life to become a travel writer and publisher. Later, at 56, I fell in love with coaching and became a coach myself.  I’ve gone through the fascinating roller-coaster of reinventing myself a few times! And I know, it takes courage, determination, commitment and self-love. But it also requires the right balance between motivation, mindset and personal mastery. No strategy or tool works without clarity and alignment with your purpose, goals and thinking! Click the link to learn more about my story

Want To Create Your Dream Lifestyle & Business At 50+?

If you want to create more wealth and well-being in your life at 50 plus, believe that life can be extraordinary after 50, that there is space for growing young and strong, and creating the life you want, you have landed at the right place. I’m a freedom lifestyle and well-being advocate and love to share my knowledge  through my coaching and mentoring and help women living their dream life too. If this is you, continue reading!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas when thinking in which direction in life you want to go?

Do you have a burning desire for something new that makes you feel excited but don’t know how to get it started?

Do you feel like running on an auto-pilot with little or no energy and time for yourself and the things you love?

I help find clarity, activate intuition and receive insights that attract more good and the right things that you need in life and business at 50+.

Set intentions and goals with a simple process that does not overwhelm you so that you can take action that matches your values and expand your life vision.

Develop automation and create personal habits that not only accelerate the process but also allow you to increase mental and physical well-being at 50+.

Michela Life Coaching

How We Can Work Together

I offer private mentoring and coaching services and group program coaching. Are you curious to know why work with me!  Click the links or the icons below to learn more about all opportunities!

Michela Coach at Magic Fifty Coaching

Clients’ Love

Book A Call With Me

Transformational Coaching happens when both parties play full out. With my clarity call you can try it out. And we can see if we are a good fit and can work together. It’s a 100% no-cost call. Let’s connect, and let the Magic happen! Click the button below to book a clarity call with me! Or drop me a line here.

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