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Welcome To Magic Fifty

Your Guide To Life Engineering Over 50

Why Starting a New Chapter in Life At 50 Plus?

I’m Michela, +55, founder and owner of Magic Fifty! I’m a certified coach who helps you create high-class life engineering after 50.

I love to help women over 50 start a new chapter in life and turn their fear of growing older into a powerful strength so that they can redesign their lives, own their magic, reclaim the zest for life and do what they love and love what they do.

Life over 50 opens up to a world of extraordinary new opportunities. If we are prepared to second these changes with an open heart, show up with our vulnerabilities, believe in what we can achieve, the magic happens!

I’m here to guide you through this incredible life journey after 50 and take you from where you are standing right now into a new thrilling life chapter.

You can learn more about me and my life journey at 50 plus and how I can help you with your quest for a new beginning.  Here below are all my life coaching services and programs.

Life Coaching Programs For Over 50

With my Magic Fifty Coaching, I help female professionals over 50 go through a personalised process that will compound its beneficial effects in all areas of your life. Magic Fifty offers online individual coaching and group coaching programs to women in their 50s who are serious about making the shift and improving their lifestyle. Learn more about how we can serve you.  For any questions, please get in touch with me.

We offer individual coaching modules for women over 50 who want to thrive,  be guided by their deepest passions and values, so that they can live the life they want to the fullest.

Group coaching is in our Premium Service to women over 50 who want to learn in a small group of like-minded women, so that they can implement, accelerate and maximise results.

We offer a range of free and paid Lifestyle Workshops. Sign up for the Magic Fifty News and/ or join our Facebook Page to get updates.

Check out our Magic Fifty Blog For Inspiration, Tips, Thoughts, Experiences and Stories about Personal Growth and Lifestyle over 50.

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Join our Community of Magic Fifty Women Over 50 who are active, enthusiast and keen to learn how to grow younger and stronger.

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