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Welcome to Magic Fifty

Hi, I’m Michela, the founder and owner of Magic Fifty. And I love to help women over 50 grow and thrive.

I’m here to guide you through the amazing journey to your future self. I believe life over 50 opens to a world of extraordinary experiences and opportunities. If we are prepared to accept this shift with an open heart and show up as we are, we can align our lives to our core values, nourish them and gradually close the gap between where we are standing now and our envisioned future.

If you feel stuck and are now ready to embrace change and improve your lifestyle with easy-to-stick-to ways that take off you the pressure of performing a task rather than enjoying life, then I can help you.

Let me be your guide through this fascinating journey of self-love and actualisation. Learn more about me and my life journey and help you with your quest to your future self with my online life coaching services.

All Coaching Services And Programs

With our Magic Fifty Coaching we help female professionals over 50 go through personal growth and a transformation life journey that creates an effortless beneficial domino effect in all other areas of their lives.

Magic Fifty offers online individual coaching and group coaching programs to women over 50 who are serious about making the shift and improving their lives, grow young and strong in physical, mental and emotional areas.  Learn more about how we can serve you. For any questions, please contact me.

We offer individual coaching modules for women over 50 who want to thrive,  be guided by their deepest passions and values, so that they can live the life they want to the fullest.

Check out our Magic Fifty Blog For Inspiration, Tips, Thoughts, Experiences and Stories about Personal Growth and Lifestyle over 50.

We offer a range of free and paid Lifestyle Workshops. Sign up for the Magic Fifty News and/ or join our Facebook Page to get updates.

Group coaching is in our Premium Service to women over 50 who want to learn in a small group of like-minded people, so that they can implement, accelerate and maximise results.

Join our Community of Magic Fifty Women Over 50 who are active, enthusiast and keen to learn how to grow younger and stronger.

Follow us on our Facebook Page for Blog Updates, Videos, Zoom Live Events, Interviews and more.

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