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I offer one-on-one coaching services to ambitious professional women over 50 who want to start over in life and business. I only work with a few clients per month.  Curious to learn more about me and how we can work together? Check how the the clarity coaching call works!

Take the Quiz

If you are over 50 and are keen to embrace a new chapter in business life, this quiz will reveal where you are right now at, and what are the nest steps you need to undertake. A great free resource to find guidance and the right direction. Take the Quiz now.

Webinars & Masterclasses

Our webinars and masterclass focus on specific hot topics for professional women going through personal life reinvention, starting or growing their business at 50 plus. Check the page with the live Magic Fifty Webinars updates.

Blog & Free Resources

Check our Magic Fifty Blog with tips and guidance on how to start over in life when you are over 50. Make sure you check our free resources.

On Social Media

Are you an ambitious female professional and entrepreneur over 50 who wants to grow and thrive in life and business? Join our Facebook Group to get high-end free training on Motivation, Mindset and Self Mastery!

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