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What Are The Magic Fifty One-On-One Coaching Programs

Our Magic Fifty one-on-one coaching programs are the best in terms of personalisation options. Each program is created upon your personal needs to improve your life and achieve the desired level of accomplishment. While each program is fully personalised, these three one-on-one programs below sum up the most popular areas for improvement. They are, however, not limited to these topics.

After you click on the button “Apply For It” and fill in the form with your answers, we can schedule the initial (free) call. When we meet in the live Zoom Call, we can establish if we are a good fit. If we decide to work together, I will be preparing a customized individual coaching program for you that will unfold over 6-12 weeks.

What’s special about Magic Fifty Coaching? Our Star Gem Concept

I believe that life after 50 can be extraordinary!  That’s why I work with female professionals over 50 and help them go through a transformation life journey that creates an effortless beneficial domino effect in all other areas of their lives.  Creating healthy positive habits and rituals that mirrors what really matters to you is vital. And to achieve this is easier than you may think.

In my intensive coaching programs, you will immerse yourself in my STAR-GEM method, and here below you can read a bit more about it.

The Star Concept

  • Shed light on dark areas and see everything with crystal clarity.
  • Tap into uncovered values and act upon a deep sense of purpose.
  • Accept and love yourself by acknowledging your worthiness.
  • Reimagine opportunities and turn them into new realities.

The Gemm Concept

  • Grow your confidence by training your thoughts and feelings.
  • Embrace vulnerability by letting go and caring for what matters.
  • Master self-care by better managing energy in all areas of life.
  • Mix all of the above and let your own MAGIC skyrocket.

Are you ready to let it happen?
 I’d be delighted to guide you through your self-discovery journey to your extraordinary life. 

Here are my three most popular one-on-one coaching programs. You can choose one of them, or we can create your own personalised program.

Mind & Soul Overhaul

Self-Care Mastery

New Chapter in Life

Mind & Soul Overhaul

Program Duration
3 weeks: 1x90m + 1x60m Sessions.

Introduction Calls
One 30 min initial free call.

Whom is this program suitable for
Women over 50 wrestling with fears, blockages, overwhelm, energy robbers in personal and/or professional life.

Program Options
1. Lighten Up Your Mind & Soul.
2. Get Crystal Clear Breakthrough.
3. Map Out Your Next Move

We will scan for emotional and mental blockages, clarity and energy robbers and balance the inner and outer environment. And much more.

Self Care Over 50

Program Duration
Six weeks x 6 Sessions x 75 min each.

Introduction Calls
2×30 min Initial & Set Up Program.

Whom is this program suitable for
Women over 50 looking for a deep overhaul around the lifestyle with super habits to master self-care.

Program Options
1. Super-Habits To Double Energy.
2. Get In Shape With No Diets.
3. Redesign Healthy Living & Thrive.

We will audit self-image, behavioural & self-care patterns, create super habits and rituals with the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual energy.

New Life Over 50

Program Duration
12 weeks x 12 x 75 min sessions.

Introduction Calls
2 x 30 min Initial & Set Up Program.

Whom is this program suitable for
Women over 50 who want to reinvent themselves and start a new chapter in life both professional & personal life.

Program Options 
1. From Passion to Small Business.
2. What’s Next After Retirement?
3. Empty Nesters’ New Life.

We will audit your current and future life situation, by tapping into talents, values, and build a bridge to your new life with a rock-solid blueprint.

How will you experience Individual Online Coaching?

I use two online platforms. For the individual coaching sessions, which lasts between 30 and 90 minutes, we will be meet online on ZOOM via private Zoom links. To get access to your program and modules, you will create a free account to access our membership coaching platform, where you will be able to view, fill in the relevant PDFs, Docs, download your personal Workbook and Journal, answer Q&As, watch videos and replays and much more.

Why Work With Me?

Why is my coaching different and what you will get?

My coaching is different because I have developed my coaching approach based on gained knowledge from trainings as well as personal experience in the field. I deliver purpose-and-result driven coaching, no fluff or unpractical stuff. I also use my super-simple, magic system STAR-GEM to turn any change into a blissful experience.

Live Coaching Sessions

Weekly Individual Live Coaching Sessions are held on Zoom and are about 75 minutes.

Workbook and Checklists

The individual coaching workbook, and journal are to be accessed through our membership coaching platform.

Recorded Videos

Replays of live coaching sessions and all relevant training videos are available to you only through our membership coaching platform.

PDF Files

Each program comes with downloadable Docs and PDFs that you can access through our coaching platform and save onto your computer.

What Clients Say About Magic Fifty

Transforming the Overwhelm and Feeling Lighter

“My coaching session with Michela was not at all what I expected. She took me step-by-step to realize how I can achieve my goal. Ultimately, we decided on a proactive approach that left me feeling much lighter and less overwhelmed. Transforming the overwhelm was fantastic. Michela is a thoughtful and an excellent listener with a creative approach.

Penny Sadler

Effective Understanding and Eye-Opener Exercise

Right from the beginning of our conversation, it was easy for me to communicate with Michela. I felt that she could hear what I’m saying, understand where I’m coming from. Michela was very effective and got right to the point by addressing questions and inviting me to do an eye-opener exercise regarding a serious issue I’m now dealing with. I enjoyed the coaching with Michela, who was kind, generous and professional—much recommended.

Noa Y.
Clinical Phychologist

Dismiss Confusion and Unleash Creativity

Michela is a gifted coach who quickly brings into focus what matters the most. Thanks to her ability to listen deeply and to ask laser targeted questions, she empowered me with an accurate view of my strengths and most valuable options. As a result, I could dismiss the confusion about a significant issue and unleash a new flow of creativity that has been extremely beneficial for me and my business. If you too want to move your life forward with clarity and energy, I highly recommend you seek her out.

Gerard S.

How to create your personalised one-on-one coaching package

What if the three above mentioned coaching packages do not suit you? If nothing suits you from the above programs and content, kindly submit your inquiry by scheduling a  free clarity call with me.

Get in Touch With Me

If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you create your future self and and curious to learn more about how we can collaborate, please check my Magic Fifty Coaching Services, or fill in this contact form here below with your inquiry or questions.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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