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The Magic Fifty Private One-On-One Coaching Programs

My One-On-One Private Coaching is the best if you want to maximise growth and results in a relatively short span of time. Each program varies from a 2-week intensive to 12 weeks, and it is created upon your individual needs to achieve the desired level of exponential growth and breakthrough.

While my private coaching services can be fully personalised, The Triple Magic M. Program is my signature program that embraces the best of my Magic Coaching int these areas: Motivation, Mastery and Mindset.

How does my One-On-One Private Coaching?

  • If you are you curious, ambitious, love to take on challenge in personal and business life, are ready to do deep inner work, play full out and commit yourself to growing and thriving, then we are a good match.
  • On my turn, I will bring the best of my full engagement along with my intuitive and highly sensitive coaching abilities to guide through your discovery journey in an exponential way that will likely go beyond your expectations.
  • Private Coaching is a very intimate collaboration. I care about about my clients’ outcomes and growth. That’s why I only accept new clients prior to an initial free and non-binding call of about 30-45 min in which we will get to know each other and see if we are a good fit.

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How will we work together?

I use two online platforms. For the individual coaching sessions, which lasts between 30 and 90 minutes, we will be meeting online on ZOOM via private Zoom links. To get access to your program and modules, you will create a free account to access our membership coaching platform, where you will be able to view, use and fill in the relevant PDFs, Docs, download your personal Workbook and Journal, answer Q&As, watch recorded videos of all coaching sessions replays.

Why Work With Me?

Join me in an exponential growth experience?

I have developed my coaching approach based on gained knowledge from trainings as well as personal experience in the field. I deliver purpose-and-result driven coaching, no fluff or unpractical stuff. I also use my super-simple, magic system to turn the discovery and transformation process into a blissful experience. Let’s connect and see if we can work together!

Live Coaching Sessions

Weekly Individual Live Coaching Sessions are held on Zoom and are about 60-75 minutes.

Workbook and Checklists

The individual coaching workbook, and journal are to be accessed through our membership coaching platform.

Recorded Videos

Replays of live coaching sessions and all relevant training videos are available to you only through our membership coaching platform.

PDF Files

Each program comes with downloadable Docs and PDFs that you can access through our coaching platform and save onto your computer.

What Clients Say

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