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The Magic Fifty Group Coaching Programs

I have created the Magic Fifty Online Coaching Programs to make the coaching experience more effective and scalable for all parties involved. In a group, women can learn from each other and nurture the bond to like-minded women over 50.

But at the same time, we can boldly reimagine our lives, level up our skills and tap into a new dimension of complete alignment with self.

I can guide you through to a deeper level of consciousness, freeing up energy to tap into your full potential, achieve inner peace to navigate challenges with ease.

The group programs are part of the Magic Fifty coaching services cover all those hot topics for women over 50 who have embraced the second half of their lives and are ready to invest in themselves, dream big and let their desires manifest in life.

The synergy you get with group coaching is priceless because of the individual contribution to the group. Next, it also offers an excellent opportunity to test how coaching can exponentially help you grow as a person and see things that you would not otherwise be able to see.

How do a Group Coaching Program work?

Group Coaching means working together in a small group of fellow women who share the same goals and level of enthusiasm and commitment.

We have weekly Zoom calls in which we first address a topic, and then I coach single individuals on specific issues. The good thing about group coaching is that we always learn. We attune to the energy of coaching released in the group when we watch and listen while coaching other fellow group mates.

In my group coaching programs, I need to select the participants to ensure that all participants are a good match. I only accept participants before an initial free and non-binding call of about 30-45 min in which we will get to know each other and see if you are a good fit.

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How will we work together?

I use an online membership coaching platform where you can access your coaching program and all the modules. You will create a free account to access our membership coaching platform. Inside the platform  you will be able to view, use all relevant docs, such as PDFs, and also download your personal Workbook and Journal, as well as answer questions and give feedback. You will be emailed with all links to the live Zoom classes and to the recorded videos of all coaching sessions replays.

Why Work With Me?

Join me in an exponential growth experience?

I have developed my coaching approach based on gained knowledge from trainings as well as personal experience in the field. I deliver purpose-and-result driven coaching, no fluff or unpractical stuff. I also use my super-simple, magic system to turn the discovery and transformation process into a blissful experience. 

Live Coaching Sessions

Weekly Individual Live Coaching Sessions are held on Zoom and are about 60-75 minutes.

Workbook and Checklists

The individual coaching workbook, and journal are to be accessed through our membership coaching platform.

Recorded Videos

Replays of live coaching sessions and all relevant training videos are available to you only through our membership coaching platform.

PDF Files

Each program comes with downloadable Docs and PDFs that you can access through our coaching platform and save onto your computer.

What Clients Say

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