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The Magic Fifty One-On-One Life Coaching Program

My One-On-One Life Coaching for Women is the best if you want to maximise growth and results in a relatively short span of time. Each program varies from a 3-week intensive to 12 week full program, and it is created upon your individual needs to achieve the desired level of exponential growth and breakthrough.  While my private coaching services can be personalised, the Magic Mastery Mindset  is my Magic Fifty Coaching Program that will help you grow in these areas:

Clarity of Vision > Mastery of Minds & Emotions > Goal Setting > Strategy, Automation & Habits

How is my coaching different?

You Book A Call With Me

You answer a few questions before scheduling a clarity coaching call with me. We then meet at the designed time for about 20 min. This is a live call on Zoom. This is a  conversation where you can tell me more about yourself, your dreams, struggles and what excites you and what you want to achieve in life.

Yes To Working Together

The clarity coaching call is the best way to establish whether we can work together and for me as as coach to understand where you need my help to get the results you desire. If we decide to work together, we discuss in details how my coaching works, and how you will get to those results with my coaching.

Growing With Coaching Sessions

 We meet on a regular basis (once a week or 10 days) at the designed dates and time on Zoom. The coaching sessions of about 60-75 min each may include some additional implementation work that you can on your own at home. Each coaching program is tailored to each individual so details and the process is different.

In Which Areas of Your Life Can I Help You?

My zone of genius is mindset, spiritual energy and mind training. I have worked as a sales and project manager for over 15 years, and I know something about intuition, creative thinking and brainpower. In the past 3 years I’ve been training myself into various coaching practices and techniques. In one coaching session, I can help you dive deep and see with clarity what’s holding you back.

We will shed light to the invisible and get the answers and clarity you need to move forward with the things that matter to you and need to move forward with your aligned goals. We create a strategy and a process that you can follow effortlessly to grow your business or start exciting life ventures. I will use the coaching techniques that best suit your situation. I do this with deep care for integrity in a very supportive and non-judgemental way to ensure you’ll always feel safe and comfortable.
These are the three main areas where I can help you. 

From Big Idea To A Clear Niche

If you want to start a new business or a project that excites you or pivot from a standard company into an online business, I can help you go from the big idea to a specific niche with the target audience. We will then work on the right mindset you need to succeed.

Clarity About Goal Settings & Process

I can help you work out any task or project by identifying the proper steps and processes. From purpose to intentional goals and actions, you will be able to focus on a process by feeling focused and motivated while feeling calmer in your mind and grateful in your spirit.

Create Your Well-Being Supercharge Plan

I’m a healthy living geek, and over decades I have developed simple ways of upgrading my health and overall physical, mental and emotional health. I can help you train your mid create your super-rich habits and rituals to skyrocket your well-being as you’ve never seen.

What Clients Say

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